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May Update

Discover TIDE’s undercurrent, bringing you the current happenings in the EDI world.

In this issue:

TIDE Update

Looking forward to seeing some of you either virtually or in person at the EDI in Energy Conference next week. In person places are now full, however you can still register to attend online here [add link].

As always – please do submit good practice case studies, resources and helpful EDI organisations on the EDI Hub, where you can also access an industry-wide calendar of relevant EDI dates, events and training.

Industry Updates

2024 Pride in Energy Survey

Pride in Energy has launched its fourth annual survey of LGBTQI+ experiences in the UK energy sector.

The survey is a critical barometer of LGBTQ+ people’s experiences in the energy sector.

It should only take 10 minutes to complete, but your answers will help to better understand and shine a light on the state of inclusion, equity and diversity in our industry.

Find out more and take part in the Pride in Energy Survey.

Utility Week: Call for Input

Industry news, events and insight company, Utility Week, is seeking your input into an important piece of research to measure the experiences of women working in the energy and water industries.

Utility Week is looking for input from everyone – not just women and are asking:

  • What you think about organisational women’s networks as centres for change?
  • How comfortable the sector is with the idea of allyship?
  • Have you been personally inspired and influenced by female role models?
  • and much more…

Please use this link to complete Utility Week’s online survey.

The survey should take you no more than five minutes to complete and will inform a report to be published in time for the very first Women in Utilities Awards on 27 June – brought to you by Utility Week, in partnership with Womens Utilities Network.

As a thank you for your time and insights, Utility Week are offering all research participants the opportunity to win a £50 Amazon voucher – or the opportunity to see £50 donated to a charity of your choice if you prefer.

POWERful Women’s Annual State of the Nation

POWERful Women has published the latest statistics on the number of women in board, leadership and middle management roles in the UK energy sector, compiled this year in collaboration with Bain & Company.

Publication of the annual statistics is an important part of POWERful Women’s work to challenge the sector on its gender diversity.

The report shows how much progress the sector and individual companies are making towards the 40% target for female representation, and beyond to gender parity, and provides positive recommendations for action.

You can find out more download the report, view the press release and watch the launch on the PfW website. 

Upcoming Events/Training:

Energy UK in partnership with Skills4: Boost Your Career Workshop

19 June | 12:00 | Online

In this Boost Your Career workshop, award-winning Skills 4 CEO, Jayne Little, helps individuals take stock of their career to date and identify next steps. The workshop provides greater clarity on career direction as well as simple, effective tools for immediate application. Attendees will use Neurolinguistic Programming techniques, review their personal brand and set a career goal and actions to achieve it.

Find out more and register your interest.

WENA Conference 2024


25 June | 10.30 – 18:00 | Virgin Hotel, Victoria Street Edinburgh, EH1 2EX

The Women’s Energy Network Alliance (WENA) brings together networks and associations representing women across various parts of the energy sector.

At the conference WENA are moving from thinking about challenges to exploring solutions. Every day, female trailblazers in the energy sector are improving their skills, achieving their goals and helping transform the way that energy is generated, distributed and used across the world.

The WENA Conference 2024, will explore the how: how do these successes come about? What can we do as individuals, as businesses, as networks to make success available to all and in doing so, be truly representative of society? From practical solutions to calls for social change, the WENA Conference will set a positive platform for future change for women at all levels within the energy sector.

View the agenda, find out more and book your ticket.

TIDE Webinar: Good Practice for Measuring & Enhancing Social Mobility in Energy

Social mobility header new

Tuesday 23 July | 11:00 – 12:00 | Online

Please note the change of date due to the upcoming UK election.

Join TIDE for an insightful webinar focused on understanding and improving social mobility within the workplace. Our expert panel will explore key strategies and frameworks that employers can adopt to measure and enhance social mobility, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees.

Themes/Questions to be Discussed:

  • What are the best practices for measuring and improving social mobility as an employer?
  • What career progression frameworks support upward mobility?
  • How can we build a workplace environment that supports social mobility?


  • Chair: Anya Diaz-Cebreiro, Diversity and Inclusion Partner, OFGEM
  • Esther Fisher, Policy Manager, Social Mobility Foundation
  • Grace Osborne, Senior Social Mobility Manager, Browne Jacobson

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for HR professionals, diversity and inclusion advocates, and organizational leaders to gain valuable insights and practical tools for promoting social mobility in their workplaces. Don’t miss this chance to learn from industry experts and engage in meaningful discussions on creating a more equitable work environment.

Register now to secure your spot and be part of this important conversation!

Men’s Mental Health: Understanding & Empowerment

14 November | 12:00 – 13:00 | Online

The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) are hosting a thought-provoking webinar on men’s mental health, which will delve into the pressing issues faced by men today.

The session is open to all and will explore the challenges faced by men and boys in today’s world and discuss solutions together. From the testosterone crisis to redefining masculinity in the media, we’re looking into crucial topics with expert insights.

Secure your spot now and be part of the conversation.

EDI Top Tip:

Writing Alt Text for Data Visualisation

Writing an alternative description only takes a couple of minutes. They are a great help if you want to make sure readers with visual impairments don’t miss out on relevant content and critical information in your data visualisation.

This article by Medium gives you some tips on how to write good alt text for a better screen reader experience.