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Training providers

There are a lot of EDI training courses out there, but it can be hard to know which ones are worth the time. TIDE is aiming to collate a bank of recommended training for EDI professionals in energy. If you’ve been on a training course that you’ve found valuable, please let us know via the form below.

CIPD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Accredited Programme (Coming soon)

This Accredited Programme is aimed at practitioners or specialists focused on strategising, leading and delivering EDI work to create inclusive and fair working environments. It is ideal for those seeking an evidence-based approach to evaluating and improving their organisation’s people practices and those looking to gain formal recognition of EDI capability.

The course is 50 – 70 hours and online, self-directed.

This course will enable you to:

  • identify specific EDI challenges in your organisation and practical steps to overcome them
  • identify actions to create a psychologically safe environment for individuals and allies where a culture of trust can thrive
  • evaluate people practices in your organisation to assess whether they ensure the workforce reflects the communities the organisation operates in, as well as supporting a fair and inclusive workplace
  • create a roadmap to increase or adjust workforce representation within your organisation
  • identify and suggest interventions to build EDI capability in leaders and managers
  • use data to gain insights and address inequalities within the workplace
  • create a roadmap for an effective EDI plan for your organisation

Skills 4 Training

This career development training programme for women is available as a three-month or six-month programme and can be delivered in a face to face or online. It is designed around helping women in the workplace further their careers in STEM.

The THRIVE programme, open to employees who identify as any underrepresented group, equips delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their potential. This positive action career training programme is available as a three-month or four-month programme and can be delivered in a face to face or webinar format.

Allyship is the driving force behind inclusive, psychologically safe workplaces. This half day workshop equips delegates with practical tools for everyday allyship and includes a bespoke ‘Inclusion Ally’ badge.

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