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Good practice case studies

Building diversity and belonging within the company and in the supply chain – So Energy

What was the challenge you wanted to address?

In 2023, So Energy launched multiple initiatives to create the culture of belonging it is striving for and to promote conscious inclusion. The company recognises that it is great to have a diverse workforce but that it takes ongoing, sustainable efforts to achieve a culture where everyone can thrive.

Describe your approach

In August of 2024, So Energy extended its Diversity and Belonging strategy throughout its supply chain, in a piece of work they are calling their ‘Contract Beyond the Contract’: a four-year commitment for their partners to share their diversity data openly. Since the launch, So Energy has already received an amazing response from partners throughout the supply chain who are keen to sign up, as well as potential future So Energists excited to join their team. Finally, the company was excited to announce the start of two external partnerships this year – one with Code First Girls and one with Circl – to connect with future leaders from underrepresented backgrounds. Fifteen Circl coaches have been trained on the So Energy team and these have mentored 15 participants. An application to work at So Energy from was received from a participant before the programme even finished!

What was the outcome?

After a year heavily focused on championing diversity and belonging, So Energy is thrilled to report that they are already seeing the positive impact of these initiatives. Turnover rate has dropped by an outstanding 25% over the last year. With women making up 38% of their workforce, they are also above the industry average, and they have a goal to reach 50% by the end of the decade, in line with POWERful Women’s targets. Finally, So Energy has seen their internal mobility skyrocket, with a record 42% of vacancies being filled by internal candidates in July, promoting upward mobility across the organisation.

What were the key lessons learnt?

The supply chain is a critical but often overlooked part of ED&I work. Our Contract Beyond the Contract is a commitment by our partners to share their diversity data openly and work together to make energy a sector where everyone can thrive.