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Good practice case studies

Work experience – inspiring younger generations into STEM careers – Electricity North West

What was the challenge you wanted to address?

To bridge the talent gap in STEM careers

Describe your Approach

Through our school outreach programme, we identified schools that required support with work placements. We built opportunities around the dates provided by the schools and facilitated a five day work experience programme that introduced students to a variety of roles across the business.  Hurdles included transport, which schools assisted with. The week required intense planning and coordination which was completed by a member of our L&D team.

What was the outcome?

We are now on our 3rd year and in total we have provided work experience for over 50 students. Last year we provided a girls’ work placement week, and will be doing the same this year. We have had a number of applications for our apprenticeship programme from students who have attended our work experience programme.

What were the key lessons learnt?

The work experience programme provides a memorable experience for students, provides inspiration and motivation to do their best in school. It helps develop awareness of career opportunities.