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TIDE (Tackling Inclusion and Diversity in Energy) is a cross-industry group to improve Equity, Diversity and Inclusion across the energy industry. ​

It is spearheaded by the ENA, the Energy Institute, Energy UK and Ofgem. 

The group’s priorities (right) were determined from input from Senior Leaders and EDI professionals at the industry’s annual EDI conference. ​

After an open application process, over 40 people are now involved across various working and delivery groups​. A key principle that will be maintained as activity progresses, is that the Taskforce will leverage existing activity and resources to supercharge EDI improvements across the sector, not duplicate.

TIDE priorities

Image to show TIDE's priorities. 1 Sharing practical tools for best practice; 2 Insight gathering – understanding where the industry is; 3Engaging with leaders to drive change


The Taskforce has an initial lifespan of 18 months, during which objectives will be regularly tested and used for ongoing evaluation. After the first tenure, the objectives will be refreshed to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Drive incremental, visible change across the sector

  • Set high standards and challenge and support organisations in meeting them
  • Deliver results via targeted working groups
  • Develop an implementation plan and associated drumbeat of communications

Act as a centralised industry body

  • Collate useful resources, events and best practice across industry in one place
  • Two-way communication with industry and stakeholders

Ensure critical analysis of the group’s success

  • Agree SMART objectives with tangible outputs and deadlines
  • Report quarterly to partner CEOs
  • Ensure learnings banked from first year to inform longer-term initiatives

Ways to get involved